Monday, February 15, 2016

Cold comfort (PM)

Travelling + babies + baggage = a total effing drag. That is for sure. When I am travelling I try to only pack in carry-on size bags but even then, if I have the option of check-in, I will check in my carry-on just so I can be as far from my bags as possible for as long as possible. It may mean I have to wait at the other end but I don't even care.

Also, I put off unpacking for as long as possible. I hate it. I love the bit where you pull out the new stuff you bought but I hate the bit where you have to do heaps of washing or stuff your clean clothes into already overstuffed cupboards. I hate that bit. So in many ways I'm all over what K was talking about this morning. But on the other hand I am totally at odds with it.

For one, why did K have to lug all the stuff and baby across town to meet Appleheart at the car hire place? Why couldn't he get the car and pick her up? That would never happen in my household. Not because I would refuse to do such a thing (though I would voice my objections) but as much because when your boyfriend comes from the driviest family in Australia he will just make it so he can pick you up. (Don't get me wrong, he would just pick me up from anywhere. Oh no, there needs to be a good reason but bags and babies and cleaning would be reason enough.) I know K and Appleheart would have had their reasons and I hope to god those reasons never force me to cross town in the freezing cold with all that stuff.

Second, pilling. I hate it. And I hate cleaning pill balls. Maybe it would be ok if I had a lint shaver, but manually, I just find it so thankless. I feel that no matter how many balls I pick off there are still a million more to go. Just thinking about 6 hours of pill-picking is making my fingers feel irritated. Ugh.

Wow, I guess it's our differences that make the world go round, right?

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