Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 projections (PM)

Friends! Happy new year from me too! This week, I return home after ten weeks away, and so it feels like the year and real life is about to start again. Hooray! I've missed normal life a lot. Adventuring is great, of course. It's challenging and thrilling and new and requires different currency and there are different shows on the tv and regular items have different names.

 But adventuring is also hard. Sometime I'll tell you about it (probably on Thursday). But right now it's time to look ahead and get excited about 2016. 

First, let me look sideways and say how proud I am of J and baby.  Baby has started school and I for one am feeling very proud and excited. J has started her own business and I for one and feeling very proud and excited. To both J and baby I say 'Toi Toi Toi!' which is what the Germans say when they mean good luck or break a leg or something. I'm looking forward to much success for those guys.

Other things that I'm excited about for 2016 are meeting some new babies that came along late last year, experiencing summer weather and eating Vietnamese food. Come wintertime, I'm looking forward to wearing the puffer jacket that has kept me very warm over here, in the snow and the wind and the rain. Melbourne winter can cop that! 

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