Thursday, January 29, 2015

New year, new pants (PM)

If there were ever two ladies you'd think would be open to the message "new year, new pants" it'd be the Misses Soft Crab. Such is our love of clothes we'd probably respond to calls of "new day, new pants" with a huzzah and trip to the shops with a spring in our step. But seriously, Country Road, a call to arms (or pants) needs more than a catchy slogan, it needs some depth you can get behind, and a few pairs of black slacks are not gonna get me in your pants.

Country Road are very aggressive email marketers and frankly I think this has led them to not only lose there way in clothes but also in marketing. Barely a day goes by when I'm not being told to "get comfy for autumn in sports luxe" or "add a twist to your summer wardrobe." But none of this matters because they lost me years ago with the email subject line "Must-have jeggings!" At which point I knew the emails I was receiving must be little more than the demented ramblings of a mad man. If the subject line of a County Road email does not include the words "spend" and "save" I am sure it has nothing to offer me. 

They should in fact take a leaf out of Obus's book. Obus brought us those starry denim pants K was contemplating and to be honest I've wondered about them myself. Obus don't market so aggressively. Leave a little mystery, Country Road, don't be so desperate. It's not just that the marketing at Obus leaves you wondering, the clothes do to. Are those pants great or fug, who knows but you probably want them so you can figure it out. New year, new pants. Put stars on them, that's how it's done!

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