Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New year, new pants (AM)

The Miss Soft Crab summer hiatus is a much loved time of year, but like other seasonal delights (Fig season, Cadbury Creme Egg season etc.), must come to an end at some point. It's hard to know when to end the hiatus, what with the Misses Soft Crab being adults now, and not getting to spend all summer lazing around in my backyard pool until it's time to go back to school. Those days are over, and in their place days where summer holidays neither properly begin nor properly end. It can leave a girl confused. But, when Country Road sends a girl an email with the subject lime "New Year, New Pants", a girl is no longer  confused. A girl knows it's time to return to the crab desk. 

New year, new pants. Honestly. Country Road jumped the shark long ago in my opinion. They used to be the tasteful staple store. They gave good sale, and were liberal with their spend and save vouchers. But the fabrics started to get a little fruity. The styles started to go a little rogue. They seemed to want to be both the stylish staple store and the on trend store. No store is that store. They started to disappoint me more than please me. 

And when you add ridiculous web marketing copy to the mix, well. I'm afraid I have no time for such nonsense. 
You know what the stupidest part of the New year, new pants message was? It was the pants. They were plain black pants. The last thing that could get someone excited about the new year. 

These pants, on the other hand...
I kind of love these pants. Denim, you know. But with stars on them. Mate? What do you think? 

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