Monday, July 18, 2016

Hunks on notice (AM)

Hunks. They're one of the reasons this blog exists. They don't get as much airtime as some of our other themes, and its not because it's crass to hear a couple of middle aged ladies talk about hunks. Being middle aged, being mothers of sons, having piles of adult responsibilities: these things are absolutely no impediments to our hunk talk. No. It's because the supply of hunks is so woeful. It might also be because we never really get to go to the movies anymore. But we watch lots of TV, and everyone says that TV is where all the good stories are now, ergo that should be where all the good hunks are. But no, readers, no. There are no hunks on TV. Jon Snow is attractive, but he is not a hunk. So yes, it's because the supply of hunks is so woeful.

Obviously there's Hemsworth and thank god for that.

Here he is with his lovely wife at Melbourne Museum this weekend. 

But is there anyone else? I don't think so.
But there are two fellows out there who I'm putting on notice as potential hunks and if they lift their game...really apply themselves 110 per cent during training then maybe, just maybe there will be a place for them on the squad. 

First: Hiddleston. 

The taller and pointier member of Hiddleswift. I've seen him around. He's caught my eye. He's not a sure fire hunk but I enjoy it when he pops up on my screen, and not in an entirely PG was. He's got a long way to go but I want to give him some hunkcouragement to walk that path. 

Next is Oscar Isaac.
I fist saw him as a young and handsome Jose Ramos Horta in Balibo. Then suddenly he was everywhere. Including Inside Llewyn Davis as the super douche Llweyn Davis. 

He's got a certain something, right? Like a swarthy Casey Affleck. It's not properly hunky but it's in the ballpark. Which is why k want him to keep practicing and see where he can take it. 

This is not an accelerated development program for hunks. No. This is hunks on notice. Hiddleston and Oscar Isaac: you're good work has been recognised. Now it's time to really put your shoulders to the wheel and go for it. We'll keep our eye on you and see where this thing goes.

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