Thursday, July 28, 2016

Best things (PM)

Ice cream is one of the greatest things around for sure. I came quite late to loving it, due to not being mad on dairy as a wee one. Interesting fact: apparently I didn't like food much when I was a baby. I discovered this only last night, when I was at my parents' house feeding KB and mum commented on what a great eater he is, adding "not like you were". 
"Exfudgingsqueeze me??!!" I asked. Apparently I wasn't into food. Not fussy about what I ate, apparently, just harbouring a take-it-or-leave-it attitude to food. I could not believe my ears because I absolutely do not feel that way now. 
Anyway, I definitely recall not liking milk but eventually I came around to that, and which in turn paved the way for ice cream love. But i have to say that J and her outstanding ice cream making skills have nudged me further along the path. I regularly think about the cinnamon ice cream in a gingerbread biscuit sandwich in the shape of snowflake she made for us once. I reckon if there was a choice between seeing blur and eating that again I would see blur every single time. But it was totally outstanding. 

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