Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday in Berlin (PM)

A few years ago (five, shit five years ago!) I was in Berlin. Just for a few days. Not one of those days was a Sunday, so I guess I know nothing about what that would be like. I loved Berlin heaps of course. I didn't see any theatre but I sure can imagine someone there yelling into a microphone. Alls I can say is if you happen to be in Frankfurt I 'd suggest skipping the theatre because that yelling monologue is likely to be followed by a punch in the face.* I'm guessing.

After K asked me about Berlin in an email the other day I read my notes from when I was there. The impression I had of it was that the food was delicious, people were stylish, smileless, and it was big. I got there straight after visiting Amsterdam, where people are not very stylish, the city is is tiny, and restaurants are expensive and shit. I was so struck by one woman that stood in front of us in the queue to see Santogold I wrote about her in my book. "Straight bowl haircut, high-waisted skinny jeans", you know, like every second person in Melbourne now looks.
There was also some currywurst consumed. Not by me. But by others. And gummi. So many gummi. Mmmmmmm gummi.

*You know, Frankfurt had some real delights, like the most bestest apfelwein soft-serve  sorbet I have eaten and this totally awesome hammering man statue. I mean no disrespect to Frankfurt.

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