Sunday, January 29, 2017

A happy new year

Miss Soft Crab is back for another year! Or i guess I should say it's back for another 11 months because we basically take January off, like schoolteachers, and they're the real heroes. 
The year is only 30 days old but already it's pulled quite a few dick moves. The Bourke Street situation and everything the new POTUS has done are obvious examples. Chickpea's leg got broke during a routine toughness exercise which was a deeply uncool way to start the year. But if we focus on the negative then 2017 is going to be one long mother. 
So let's turn our attention to the fact that not one but 
two former Miss Soft Crab Hunks of the Month have been nominated for Oscars this year, as has Andrew Garfield who has a little something hunky going on. And The Gos who also has something going on but it's hard to say what exactly. And Denzel Washigton about whom I have no feelings. But the first two are bona fide hunks which means the Oscars are going to have to try extremely hard to make this years show not hunky. I'm sure they can pull it off, mind you, but as I'm hoping they fail spectacularly. Go HoTMC hunks! 

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