Monday, October 10, 2016

I really hope this works (AM)

So some of you might be wondering why J was the only crab to post anything last week. J, who on Monday last week, gave birth. Then on Wednesday last week had just made it home from hospital with a two day old baby. First, let me say I'm very sorry. And let me tell you the reason, which is actually two reasons. The first reason is that the new IOS does not seem to like the blogger site and whenever you try to write a blog post the whole thing crashes, which is very annoying when you're 99% of the way through a blog post, and iphone is an essential piece of equipment for your blogging life. Seriously Apple, seriously Google, I expect the two of you to get together and sort out your differences. The other part is that as I've regularly told you all, J is the sensible one in this outfit. If you've ever wondered whether there is one crab to rule them all then the answer is yes, those giant crabs that live on the ocean floor and you see on David Attenborough documentaries, but after that it's J. And don't you think she deserves a break to get to know her new baby who is off the charts cute? Yes, I think so too. So, Miss Soft Crab is going to have a new-life hiatus for a few weeks. We'll be back in November, the day before the public holiday for that big horse race. See you then, crab fans!

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