Monday, March 2, 2015

Annual autumn appreciation (AM)

Let's just get this out of the way, it's the second day of autumn and even though March is usually pretty much a continuation of summer, I think I should just celebrate autumn's arrival now so we can all move on. The moderate summer means I've been able to wear jeans and sweaters often enough over the last few months, so naturally I'm not gagging for the cool weather to set in, but last night I did feel like autumn's arrival was pretty timely; let me tell you why.

Last night I felt like shit, basically because I could feel mastitis coming on. If you haven't had that bitch of an illness you are lucky because it basically makes you feel like you have the flu plus a really sore boob. Really effing sore. And I have never even had it badly. A friend of mine was hospitalised with it! Me I just feel shit for a day or two. So there I was last night, one boob killing me, aching body, sore throat, shivers and the decision to go to bed early. But something about the cool night air and the fact that I recently bought a new nightie (what? No, it's great, man-style. I know that sounds dumb, but I love it!) that I was looking forward to wearing made going to bed early seem like an excellent lifestyle choice.

And it was, naturally, because I effing love bed as much as I love autumn! Bed takes on a whole new dimension in the cooler months. Doonas make sense again. The restorative powers of sleep are more restorative because you don't have sunshine working its magic on you during the day. It's a really special place. And I thank the arrival of autumn for helping me remember some of the finest things life has to offer. 

This post not make any sense? Sorry my boob is effing killing me.

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