Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wayward Wednesday - A Miss Soft Crab once off (AM)

Due to:
  • the runaway success of Terrific Tuesday
  • the fact that I feel a little rough after the 2012 Trivia Grand Final last night (we lost by half a point)
  • the fact that I had to get up at sparrows to write this because I have to go to a meeting in Pakenham and it takes 80 minutes to get from Melbourne Central Station to Pakenham by train I KNOW CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!
today's AM post is going to be a little wayward, by which I mean it will be a bit lame. 
Let me stress that unlike Terrific Tuesday (which I hope will live forever), Wayward Wednesday is not going to become a thing, it's just something I am doing today. 

Ok, here we go. 

Remember how yesterday I was all "I'm going to eat a shortbread today!!"?
Well you better believe I followed through. And I didn't just eat any shortbread. No sirree. I ate a millionaires shortbread, which is what they call caramel slice these days. Or at least, what they call it at this place near my work.
I thought it would be delicious but it wasn't. It was the most delicious thing ever! Bam!
It hit my tongue and melted like butter, but instead of just tasting like butter it tasted like butter and salt and caramel and chocolate. If you imagine normal shortbread to be like normal Scottish people (i.e. nice, adorable), then millionaire's shortbread is like Ewan McGregor  (i.e. sublime, the best thing).

That's all. 

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