Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Terrific Tuesday (AM)

Check it out you guys! I just invented a new thing. You know how K really loves alliteration? (Well she does.) So I thought, hey what goes with Tuesday? And then I thought 'TERRIFIC'. And now I just feel terrific. Seriously! Yesterday afternoon I was feeling kind of POed. After work I ran for the tram. Made it too. Except it closed it's goddamned doors on my umbrella and left without me. Also my jeans were so tight. And I was wearing too many clothes cause it was so cold yesterday morning. Also my This American Life app is so effing buggy so I couldn't listen to it. And iOs6 requires you to have a fucking podcast app to stream podcasts from iTunes. UGH. So you can see that I was pretty glad when Muthafucking Monday was over. Oh, sure, I know that Muthafucking Monday wasn't so bad, just a series of minor annoyances made worse by my uncomfortable outfit. But it was, you know, annoying.

And when I say I invented a new thing I really mean I think we should all implement this in our real lives every week. If you have a good Monday well word up to you. But lets get serious. At best they are usually fine. But if we just try and make Tuesday terrific think how good every week would be!!!

And he we are! Terrific Tuesday!  Here is what I am going to do to make this Tuesday rule!

  • All my washing. Plus I'll hang it in the sunshine!
  • Spend time in the sunshine.
  • Drink 2 coffees.
  • Eat some delicious bircher muesli in about 2 minutes.
  • Paint my nails.
  • Try really hard to stop thinking about how much I love Jesse Pinkman, about how I hope he is going to be ok, and get over my Breaking Bad withdrawals. In truth I think this is key to making my Terrific Tuesday. 

Here goes you guys, let's go and have the best damn Tuesday ever!

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  1. Last night I dreamt it was Thursday night and that today was meant to be Friday. It felt so real D: