Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thermomix - is it all that and a bag of chips? (AM)

Remember a few months ago I told you that Primadonna went to a Thermomix demonstration and that machine sounded mindblowing and I desperately wanted to see one in action. Well I did! Finally Prima organised a demonstration in her home and K and I were lucky enough to go along.

Ok. So. Is Thermomix a total mindbender? It is pretty good. I think it would be a really excellent addition to the kitchen if you had a couple grand lying around. In case you don't know Thermomix can chop the shit out of things with its super high-power blades and it stirs and it heats. You see. It has very useful functions.

Here are some things I loved about it:

Our demonstrator, Natasha, showed us how Thermo can make raw sugar into icing sugar. You put those large crystals in and whizz. Then ICING SUGAR! WHOA! It pretty much blew my mind. Only buying one kind of sugar and just blending as appropriate! Awesome. I WANT THERMOMIX! Then a few days later on Facebook I saw G-Force had written this: Just discovered replacing caster with raw sugar. All you have to do is chuck it in the spice grinder for a coupla seconds.Presumably if caster sugar is possible in a spice grinder a few more seconds would make icing sugar possible. So maybe I don't need a Thermomix?

The next thing I loved was the delicious sorbet Natasha made with aforementioned icing sugar. Just that, frozen orange, egg white, mango, ice. It was smooth and very delicious. And I am pretty sure that I could really do some mindblowing icy treats with it. I WANT THERMOMIX! Then, a few days later my mum attempted a similar thing in her Magimix. The results were nowhere near as smooth and fancy, but it was still quite yum. Maybe I don't need a Thermomix?

There was a delicious Thermo-made hommus. It really was very, very good, but good hommus you can definitely do in a regular blender. But not in 20 seconds! I WANT THERMOMIX!

But the next thing really was the best. Natasha chucked quartered beetroot, apple, carrot, some mint and lemon juice into Thermo and that baby just chopped the crap out of everything and made one of the most delicious and labour-free salads I have ever eaten. I WANT THERMOMIX.

Then there was risotto. It was nice enough but I'm not a big risotto person. Too heavy for me. But a thing that stirs while cooking to give you a perfectly consistent foodstuff?! I WANT THERMOMIX. 

The lemon custard at the end demonstrated perfectly how perfectly consistent a cooked foodstuff Thermomix can make. I WANT THERMOMIX. 

But I guess I want $2000 more. Plus, it doesn't make chips.


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