Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Possum Magic (PM)

You gonna force feed the pill to possums, people?!? This is clearly a plan made by men. By people who have never taken a pill that didn't sit well with them, made them fat or crazy or depressed or pimply. Leave the possums alone, a-holes. I am so not surprised they are already trialling this in Curtain Square, the most uptight square in Melbourne. The place people complain about you having a dog off the lead and having fun. A-holes.

Plus, I don't know if these men know that possums can actually make themselves invisible. As long as they have a magic grandma. And unless you feed them the correct combination they will stay invisible. So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it. How you gonna get the pill in the possums if you can't see them?! HA! In the book Possum Magic the magic possum grandma makes her granddaughter invisible to hide from snakes, but I guess this could be read as a parable about the one child policy.

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