Friday, October 26, 2012

Babe of the Month Club: Catherine Keener

Oh baby, who doesn't love a babe? Not us.
Whoa there, that's a double negative, so could be a little confusing. Let me be absolutely clear: we love babes. 
Obviously, our first love is hunks, but we can appreciate the heck out of a good babe and have scheduled that appreciation in to our repertoire on a quarterly basis. First, and a tad controversially, it was K-Stew
Now, it's C.Keen's time, C.Keen being Catherine Keener, the fifty-three year old (fifty-three years old!) American actress who has been in a bunch of great things but really, not enough things.

C.Keen, you are a babe and the time to celebrate you starts NOW!

JCatherine Keener is a total babe! The first time I saw her was in Johnny Suede. An early Brad Pitt movie. And while I admit at the time I was all about B.Pi (HAHAHAHA B.Pi!) I couldn't help but take notice of his babelicious love interest, Catherine Keener.

Come for the B.Pi, stay for the C.Keen
K: Jonny Suede was my first time with her too.  It would be a while longer before I knew she was a babe, but I felt feelings of 'like' for her straight away. It's that big smile. While  I want to slap that big smile off, say, Julia Roberts' face I want to have a drink with C.Keen and find out why she is smiling so much.

JSure, I didn't fall in love with her instantly either, I really liked her. As the years went on I liked her more and more. I like how she was married to Dermot Mulroney. I like how she was sometimes photographed hanging out with Brad Pitt, just like they were buddies hanging out. I like how she is really nice looking and she has this kind of low voice and this naturalistic way of talking that no one else in Hollywood has. In short, I kind of love her. 

Plus Being John Malkovich! Hello!

K: She does have a thing that no one else in Hollywood has, you're dead right. Natural and easy, which is very charming. And that great voice. I wish I had a signature voice. I really really don't. I sound like 'generic woman'. Sometimes when I get a cold I sound better. Anyway, this is about C-Keen, not me. 

Dermot Mulroney is a shit-hot husband to have. And for 17 years, if wikipedia is to be believed. That's a pretty good go. Look at them, all smiley in happier times. Dermot Mulroney should work more. 

It's kind of a shame they broke up, but I think it's a shame when anyone breaks up so don't ask me. 

Obviously Being John Malkovich blew the whole C-Keen-is-a-babe-and-seemingly-quite-great thing right open. That film is one of the films. And she is so great and so beautiful in it. And though she is in things semi-regularly, I really want her to be in more things. Which may well be one of the reasons she is a BotMC babe. She leaves us wanting more. 

Mate, lets talk about her hair. 

J: What a hot couple they made! But that's the past. Unlike her hair. Catherine Keener has such beautiful hair. Catherine Keener's hair in The 40- Year-Old Virgin is the reason I grew my hair long. The reason. But my hair is not beautiful and shiny like hers. I think about her hair almost daily!

Great hair and Great (Michael) Scott! ha!

K: Lucky, lucky babe, to have such great hair.
So what's next for C.Keen, I wonder?
*checks IMDB*
Apparently C.Keen has a couple of films coming out over the next little while, one of which is called Maladies and co-stars Franco. Another one is called Nailed and co-stars fellow HotMC alumnus Gyllenhaal.

J: Hey that is great news about Keener and Gylenhaal starring in a movie together. HotMC meets BotMC! I love it! I am also happy to tell you that Dermot Mulroney has a few films on the go too and one of them stars Mia Wasikowka and Nicole Kidman. It looks creepy as and Dermot plays a dead man so I'm not holding out that much hope.

K: Sometimes people can play dead people in movies and it works out ok, like SPOILER ALERT Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense so fingers crossed for Dermot.
Dermot is actually quite a massive hunk. I just want to put that out there, even though today is all about Catherine.

J: Sure sometimes the dead guy is the star, like Bobby in The Heavenly Kid, but sadly I watched the trailer for the Mulroney movie and the only shot of him was in a photo on top of a casket, so I'm not holding my breath. Anyway this is about his foxy ex, not Mulroney.  C.Keen is a babe that has crossed decades. You sure cant say that everyday. LiLo barely crossed years with her cuteness. Word up CK.  

K: You said it, Mate. Word up CK. 

Cute in a car!

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