Monday, October 1, 2012

The circle of life OR, as Des'ree would say, Life, oh life (PM)

I read old Miss Soft Crab posts all the time. I love it. Though it always makes me wish I edited them more carefully. Knowing I probably won't change though, please accept my apologies for all the times I screw up from now on. Especially the times I use the same word in two consecutive sentences, like an idiot.

I guess I know that my mind, like J's,  has about five tracks.  The same five tracks that it's been riding since it was teenaged. Sometimes I worry about it and think I should lay down some new tracks for this baby (points at brain zone of head) to ride. Of course, these thoughts are built in to the system under track 5. But then I get distracted by 1 to 4 and, well, you read Miss Soft Crab so you know what happens. I must say I feel  better about the whole thing now I have J's soothing graphic representation to work with. Did anyone else find those diagrams soothing and reassuring?

I've always thought that it looked more like this inside this (points at brain zone of head):
While not unpleasant, it's far from soothing, I think you'll agree.

Anyway: food, hunks, warmth, looking cute, appearing less shallow. This is how it is and this is how it always will be. Tim and Elton say it's the circle of life. It may also be the hippocampus. At any rate, I'm kind of reassured by the predictability of it all.

Just quickly before I go, I think the email subject "Karen sure knew what she was talking about" was in fact a reference to Karen Carpenter and her famous statement "rainy days and Mondays always get me down". I assume that email was written on a Monday. Does that ring a bell, Mate? Also, guess what outfit I'm wearing today, totally coincidentally. Yep, nondescript office girl. But without the scarf. Though it is a tad cold in my office, so I kind of wish I had the scarf.

NB: K brain drawing reproduced with kind permission of the artists, Chickpea and Baby, who I didn't actually ask but am pretty sure they'll be cool with it.

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  1. Yeah, it was totally about Karen Carpenter. And I wrote the first email in that chain so I probably wrote that subject line. Oh, brain so busy thinking about hunks and clothes. Get a memory and a clue.