Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The keep it to yourself files (PM)

Oh. Oh, geez. I don't think that lady should be telling the people she is waxing about her meth head boyfriend. When a waxer tells me anything about her private life I usually think she has gone too far. But that is because I'm not much of a sharer. Except sometimes I really am. It's complicated.

Anyway, I guess maybe that hippy waxer just thinks that this is a world free from judgement and she can say whatever she wants to whoever she wants. Or maybe she doesn't care about judgement. Who knows. Alls I know is that there is a time for sharing and a time for not sharing. Like this one time at my old work this girl started. In fact I used to go to school with her. It was weird. And she started at my work and then, in the kitchenette she told my friend (whom she had just met) that her boyfriend had been sick "down there" and gestured at her thrust out groin. THE KITCHENETTE ON A TEA BREAK! That is neither the time nor place to tell a stranger about your boyfriends cock probs. Oh, hang on there is no such time or place unless the stranger is some kind of doctor and you are in their office.

But shit! Why the eff am I telling you all this when I could be talking about my favourite meth head who is also one of my all-time favourite characters. For real. Jesse Pinkman has a long history of smoking crystal meth and I effing love that guy! And if I didn't have a boyfriend and a child and Jesse Pinkman was not fictional and didn't wear all those horrible t-shirts...

...and live in ABQ while I live all the way over in MEL I would totally want to date him. But I am pretty aware I'm not really skanky enough. Sigh.

But Jesse doesn't have much of a temper like that waxer's boyfriend so I think he would be a much better guy with a long history of smoking meth to date.

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