Monday, October 22, 2012

I wish I was a dancer (PM)

Anytime I see anyone doing any of the things I love, I think I have lived my life all wrong. Dancing and playing music, especially. Boy, no one would ever see me at work and think they took the wrong path. No siree. I love to dance. And I wish I could do it well to. I really do. But even if I had pursued such a life I think I probably would never have been very successful. So thank god I work in an office.

Clouds are so deceptive aren’t they? The way they look so soft and comforting and if you could lie on one it would be so beautiful. And warm, because the  sun would be right on you. Well, thanks for making me long for a few more things I don’t have mate!

Luckily I couldn’t care less about playing the cello.

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