Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Terrific Tuesday (PM)

zOMG I love Terrific Tuesday so much already! When I turned on The Internet this morning and immediately logged on to Miss Soft Crab (as I'm sure you do too, readers) I saw the title Terrific Tuesday and I thought YES! This is a great idea! At first I thought this because I really do love an alliteration, but then I thought it because I want to make Tuesday terrific. Who wouldn't?

So, it's the middle of the day, and here is what I've done to make Tuesday terrific so far.

  • I drank a coffee
  • I tried really hard not to laugh at anyone at our all-staff meeting this morning, which was really hard, but I succeeded and got to feel good about myself and that was terrific
  • I decided to have a salad sandwich instead of a pork roll for lunch, again so I can feel good about myself and potentially allow myself to have a shortbread with the coffee I am going to have this afternoon
  • I also did a bunch of work I've been putting off, so that was pretty terrific. 
And here's what I'm going to do next:

  • email my tax guy and make an appointment to do my mother-flipping tax
  • have another coffee and maybe a shortbread
  • go to the pub tonight with my Mike Gatting sisters and pull together the performance of our lives for the 2012 Trivia Premiership. 
Actually, I'm definitely going to have a shortbread. It's Terrific Tuesday after all. I can not eat shortbread when I'm dead, right?

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