Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nature, you're so fine (PM)

The plants in springtime are so goddamn pretty that yesterday, when I had to drive to Moe for work, the abundance of blossoms on the trees were so beautiful and so heartwarming I thought you know what Moe, you're OK by me!

Moe, you guys.

That's springtime for you. Or more specifically, nature in springtime. Try getting another season to make me feel that way about  a town famous for being Victoria's gateway to brown coal, and crime.
Back in the city, I am extremely jealous of that garden that grows at J's parents house. It's always been an absolute beauty but it looks stunningly beautiful right now. I think I had better come over this weekend to have a look for myself. Ok you guys? Good, that's settled then.

My springtime plants are a little more modest. You know how it is with a balcony garden. I've laid a bunch of seeds, ready for some late spring/early summer blooms, so at the moment there's a lot of green and not a lot of colour.

But soon, readers, soon.

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