Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Terrific Tuesday (PM)

My Tuesday was terrific up until 11am. 
First, I got up early enough to get a coffee en route to the tram which I love doing but never get up early enough to do. 

Then, because I had decided to take the surplus baked goods I baked on the weekend to work to eat during our team meeting, the team meeting went very quickly and I got to eat baked goods during it. 

More about those baked goods tomorrow. 

But then I had another meeting that did not go quickly and resulted in a whole bunch of annoying work. So things got less terrific. 
But,  I plan to re-calibrate coordinates and steer this ship back to terrific waters by doing a little holiday research later. And of course tonight I am going to the pub for a free steak due to Mike Gatting's triumphant return to the trivia crease last week. So that's quite terrific. And maybe I will buy this cookbook today too. I can't stop staring at that picture. 

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  1. This comment is more for J than k
    But a piece of universal wisdom

    You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs?