Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to buy a winter coat (PM)

If my experience of finding greenie last year is anything to go by, you're doing everything right.
Soon, the coat of your dreams will come in to your life. Or probably just a really great one.

As for me, now that my coat needs have been met, I kind of want a jacket. For those days I don't want to wear a coat. I found the perfect one the other day.

Look at that collar. Soft as the embrace of a newborn lamb. Because it is made of newborn lamb! Or teenage lamb. Heck it could be mutton for all I know, in which case, why are people so down on mutton? It's very soft.
Anyway, I fell for this coat pretty hard but it cost $1000 which is not OK.
So even though it is perfect for me it will remain an impossible dream. It will never get out of my dreams and in to my car. So it goes.

I also quite like this one that I tried on at Country Road yesterday when I met J and Baby for lunch.

The buttons aren't as weird in real life.
But I don't know. Once you've worn mutton, everything else seems boring.

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