Friday, April 5, 2013

Internet, you've ruined hunks (PM)

Gee Mate, way to hit the nail on the head. For ages I've been grappling with this feeling, this very strange feeling, that the golden age of hunk has passed. I looked around at the current offerings and felt nothing at all in my hunk chakra. Just a mild sense of irritation at how annoying they all seem. But now I realise it's the goddamned internet that's to blame. Eff you, internet, why you gotta ruin hunks for us?

But, if I'm honest, the internet also saved me from getting a boner for Channing Tatum, which was stirring a little after I saw Magic Mike. But then he was in my face so much that that boner went away and it went away forever. And that's thanks to the internet. So I guess there's two sides to this internet coin. 

And now, let me bid you all good weekend with this picture from the golden age of hunks. No ensemble cast better represents hotness that balances on a knife's edge more than these tuffs. 


  1. Your don't think lack of hunks is related to the settling down of the adolescent hormonal storm?

    1. Great theory MC, but don't you think if that was the case this whole thing would have settled down 15 years ago rather than 15 minutes ago and we wouldn't have a blog partially devoted to hunks?!