Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Terrific Tuesday! (AM)

I won't lie to you guys. When my alarm woke me up this morning from a really vivid dream about breaking eggs I could not believe the alarm was meant for me. I felt tired and brain dead and things did not get any better when Baby asked me to read a Peter Pan book to him.

If you think novelisations of movies of bad you should try reading a children's bookisation. So lame.

But then I had a great idea for how to turn this day around. Terrific Tuesday! Here's how I'm gonna make this Tuesday totes terrific!:

Natch. Coffee in abundance is the cornerstone of Terrific Tuesday.

Get my life in order
It's service day for my car! Doing responsible things like taking my car to get serviced always makes my day. Other things that have fulfilled me in this way recently include going to the dentist, getting car insurance and updating my electoral enrolment details! YEAH! The best thing about the car service situation is that LB is the one taking it but I get to feel the full glory of it because it is my car and I booked it in. Win!

Enjoy autumn
How good is autumn at doing it's job?! God I love autumn and today looks sunny and mild and I bet you anything it's going to have that nice autumn light and the special crispness of autumn. I am going to enjoy the heck out of it today. Terrific.

Look, I have not been running a lot lately. But today is the day I turn that around and I can't wait!

Make pizza
I love pizza. Pizza shops are the one kind of shop that without exception have me craving their product every time I pass them. But eff those guys, I'm making my own tonight.

TERRIFIC TUESDAY! I feel better already.

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