Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to buy a winter coat (AM)

After an early summer disappointment involving the selling out of a Scanlon and Theodore dress that I had pinned all my summer hopes on, I basically gave up on summer fashions, wearing things already in my cupboard from seasons past. While this is excellent on a personal economic and global environmental level it was a little boring, though not regrettable. After the dress became unavailable I decided there was no point wasting my time with summer clothes and looked forward to my favourite fashion seasons, autumn, followed by winter. Lucky for me, The Sartorialist is a northern hemisphere blog so I spent a lot of summer checking out what people there were wearing northside. Sure, I could have been practising drawing or writing or something else productive. But instead I spent summer looking at winter fashions. I got me some good ideas but the thing I became truly fixated on was a winter coat.

Though I may think the internet is ruining some things, I definitely appreciate that I can look at the wrong season fashions on international websites. I have decided that my dream coat is navy, of the pea style, wool, just past my hips, high collared. Basically it’s this guy’s coat.

But where can I find that guy’s coat?!

Yesterday I tried on this coat at Trenery. I liked it quite a lot, but wished the buttons went higher and the coat went lower.

Then last night I got an email from Trenery telling me I had could get 25% off.  But should I buy a coat based only on its price?

I  like this coat a lot:

But its expensive and on the internet. Can I drop heaps of dollars on a coat I haven’t tried on?

There is another one I like. But it’s from Gorman and expensive and has no collar. But I like it a lot.

I told LB about my woes and he asked me if I wanted him to buy me a coat for my birthday. No! I protested. But maybe that is the answer.

How to buy a winter coat. It's a question, not an instruction.


  1. Hi J, hear me out. There is this brand of outdoor clothing called icebreaker that actually make really beautiful merino coats. Don't go to their website because then you will see all the hideous outdoorsy shit. You could try going to their outlet on Smith Street or try other outdoor shops in the city. I would buy one for myself but Shark's Fin owns EVERY TYPE and I can't walk around with her like we're creepy nature loving twins. Try this link. It's a grey pea coat.

    1. Ok Sarah, I will check out ice breakers. Only because it is near my work. In fact I think I found my dream coat today! Can you believe it!. Manifesting a coat is possible!

  2. Great news to both!

    BTW: Without any prior knowledge of your post, Shark's Fin slid open her wardrobe this morning and lovingly stroked her icebreakers. This was while looking at me and saying "look at all my beautiful icebreakers!" Then she showed me her made-in-England Gloverall duffel coat. Then she sad a little metal-esque ditty about how she had "all the best winter coats."

  3. Replies
    1. Oh, I read sad has 'had a sad song' I thought, "how could she feel sad? is she sad for the rest of the world?' That duffel in my post is gloverall! Does Sharky love hers? Should I get one?

  4. I will text her now to find out, but I'm pretty sure she loves her icebreakers more. The Gloverall is really very heavy so it's probably a good option if you're somewhere freezing but not doing too much activity. Maybe if you were meandering along the Thames in the middle of January a Gloverall would be a great option. The icebreaker might be better for our climate. I can tell you one thing for sure, both items scream "quality".