Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Terrific Tuesday (AM)

Oh, hi guys.
Remember a few weeks ago how J was all "I'm going to have a terrific Tuesday" and listed a whole bunch of great things she was going to do that day, including have two coffees, do all her washing and hang it out in the sun?  I remember it like it was the 23rd of October, perhaps because I haven't had as much on over the last few weeks as you guys, and also because it was.

Well today I would very much like to have a terrific Tuesday too. No special reason why. I just think it would be great if this day ruled. All Tuesdays, really, but one step at a time, non?

OK, here's what I'm going to do terrificify my Tuesday.

Listen to You Am I
Truth be told, readers, I'm doing that right now. I'm listening to Hi Fi Way and I am loving it with my whole K shaped heart. I think Miss Soft Crab should do Friday Favourites: You Am I one day. You Am I rules OK!

Have two coffees
That's how you have a Terrific Tuesday after all.

Get lots of work done so I can have a guilt-free day off tomorrow
As you guys know, I work a niner. That means I squish ten days of work in to nine so I can have one day off a fortnight. Sometimes I feel bad taking the day off because I have the work ethic of a protestant but the guilt of a catholic. But not this week. No sirree. I am going to get heaps done today and just have a wonderful time tomorrow. Try and stop me, universe!*

Um...maybe get things organised so I can do my tax return?
This would make my Tuesday unbelievably terrific, but I don't think I'm ready to commit to it.

Eat leftover hedgehog (pictured above) 
This is something I can commit to so goddamned thoroughly. It was my Dad's birthday on the weekend and that man loves hedgehog like the desert loves the rain. I made him a batch as a special little treat, and quelle horreur! it wouldn't all fit in my tupperware container so I had to keep some for myself and I have to keep eating it. Yeah I do.

You guys should have a terrific Tuesday too if you can. Go for it, you guys.

*Please don't try universe, you will succeed. You are the boss of me. 

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