Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is this guy a hunk? (AM)

On Sunday night I dreamt I was an Avenger.  It was confronting given that I didn't have an inkling I even had super powers. It was more than confronting, it was really upsetting; suddenly I had to defend the world from some great evil. And there was hardly anyone else around. Wolverine showed up (yeah, it was a Marvel mash up). And then Thor. Thank God for Thor.

When I saw The Avengers a few weeks ago I was kind of unimpressed at first, with the movie and the heroes, but then Iron Man and Thor meet and fight and, well, it all changed. I haven't seen the movie Thor, but in that first fight with Iron Man I knew he was my kind of superhero. 'Thor is my favourite!' I told LB. Later when the Hulk first appears we both said 'The Hulk is shit!' But then later when he comes into his own, channelling all that aggression towards the bad guys we declared 'The Hulk is my favourite!' 
Thor was a great hero and so was the Hulk, but I don't need a superhero movie to tell me Mark Ruffalo is great. But perhaps I needed it to figure out where Chris Hemsworth fits in this modern day hunk recession. Then again, maybe The Avengers is an unreliable source. I mean I have fallen in love with Joss Whedon's characters a million times. I've pretty much fallen in love with them all, so maybe that's just what was happening here? Plus, Thor! A Norse god that makes storms and protects mankind! Hot! So I guess for a bunch of reasons The Avengers won't tell us anything about Chris Hemsworth. Digging Joss Whedon's Thor was always going to happen I guess.

So what else do we know about Hemsworth. Well, every time I see him I can tell he is quite handsome but lacks a certain je me sais quoi. But he does look a little bit like Nate Archibald. Aka Chase Crawford. Hot! I mean, creepy!

Also Hemsworth was in Home and Away but I don't watch that shit so I never saw him in it and thus he is not tainted. Still, it's a not hot fact.

According to Wikipedia, he married his wife the same year he met her. I don't know, that seems like absolutely not a normal thing for an Australian man to do so...not hot.

I also know that when I looked for pictures on the internet of Hemsworth it took a long time for me to find some I thought were good enough to grace this here blog. And yet I also know that when I told K I was thinking of writing this post, she wrote to me, "YOU LOVE HIM DON"T YOU!!???" And I instantly thought "YESSSS!" But if I"'m really honest with myself I know it's Thor that is the hunk and that Hemworth is just doing a fine roll playing that hunk. What can I say, I'm just really into fictional hunks right.

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