Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chinoserie (PM)

It's true, I really hit the ground running with this chino thing. It's not that I was desperate to immediately own a pair of chinos, it's more that I wanted to see if they really could be what I was hoping, a lightweight, stylish alternative to jeans. I basically live in a pants-based dressing economy, but as you may have noticed I am falling out of love with jeans. I considered moving to a dress-based wardrobe but I hate all my dresses so I'd basically have to start from scratch and my own personal, actual economy would not allow for that. Plus, I am too lazy to keep my legs hairless all the time and I hate looking at my hairy legs. Blah, blah, need more pants.

So yeah, I tried on two pairs of chinos in just three days, what of it. I kind of loved those Alpha chinos. I really did. But they just did not sit right on me. And I knew that they would fit K really well, I also knew that I would probably keep thinking about them even though they weren't right for me. So, I did the only thing I knew would put an end to it, tell K about them and send them her way/her their way, whatever. And sure, I've thought about them a lot. Constantly since then. Look, I feel really happy for her finding love with pants. I mean that kind of love comes along once, maybe twice in a lifetime. And sure, there is a small sting of jealousy, but friendship trumps all. Right? Right.

But that clasp. Sheesh. Nothing is perfect I guess. Me, I'd just sew them back up because I would want those pants on my ass asap. But a more perfect pant sounds good too. The answer is... the answer ...I don't know.

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