Wednesday, November 21, 2012

(Substantially) Wordless Wednesday (AM)

Oh, hi guys.

So this morning, when the alarm went off, I wished the alarm had not gone off, and I made it so the alarm had not yet gone off.  I rolled over and slept sweet and long for a whole extra hour. I've been so sleepy lately  you see. I thought I needed the extra zzzs. I should have been writing my Miss Soft Crab but no, I was asleep and I wasn't writing anything at all.

I feel pretty great now, I can't lie.  I had a long shower, then watered all the plants on my balcony, and have been listening to nice soothing cello music, which is what I do when I want to feel nice and soothed. All of this is great for me, readers, but not so great for you, because it means I have nothing prepared for your AM reading. It's not what I would like for you guys, but nevertheless it is where we are.

Instead of trying to muddle through, I am just going to share this photo with you and be on my way.  It's what I always think about after I've been listening to cello music for a while and am good and soothed.

And now, off to work with me. Bye, you guys.

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