Friday, November 30, 2012

Hunk of the Month Club - Jon Hamm


Last week my mum emailed us to nominate Jon Hamm for Hunk of the Month Club. Unlike that time L-Bomb suggested David Duchovny, we gave this one some actual consideration. I mean, we really like this guy. And what do you know, lookey who we have here.

Jon Hamm is 41 and, according to Wikipedia, became an actor after visiting his buddy Paul Rudd in Hollywood. While trying to get acting roles he worked as a set designer on softcore porn films. Ladies and gentelmen, Jon Hamm.

J: Jon Hamm. He's handsome, he seems to have an adorable doofusy side, and he plays, without a doubt, the biggest hunk on television. Welcome! to our newest  Hunk of the Month, the Hammster!
Mate, obviously the Hammster can't join us today, why don't you give us your thoughts on the latest addition to HotMC.

K: Sure Mate, I can do that.

My thoughts on the Hammster are simple. He has a very pretty face and everyone loves a pretty face. But a HotMc needs more than just a pretty face (depending on how we are feeling at the precise time we choose a HotMC) and I'm not sure if Hamm has it. Until he becomes Don Draper, and then he becomes bona fide HotMC team captain.

J: Well Don Draper is no doubt a hunk, a HotMC even, but team captain? One of the crazy things about Don Draper, and keep in mind I have only watched half of season one of Mad Men, is that he is a hands down hunk and a hands down a-hole. I'm pretty sure that only in fiction does a cheating, misogynist pretty face become a HotMC. He does have that mystery, and that devil-may-care attitude to smoking cigarettes. HOT.

K: I have a little more Mad Men under my belt and I'd like to say that Don becomes a better person and therefore a more appropriate choice for HotMC but no, he really doesn't. He kind  of gets worse. But he stays pretty. And hot. Less mysterious. But still hot. It must be the durries!

J: Also Don is always so well groomed. And you certainly do not see that every day. Hot! I think the Hammster could be a genuine HotMC if he took a leaf out of Don Draper's Book of Grooming. Not that Hammster doesn't scrub up as his own self.

K: That's absolutely true, Hamm would be wise to take some grooming cues from Don. All dudes really. Heck, I could learn a thing or two from Don.
But yes, Hamm as Hamm is still pretty pretty. 

I feel that I should acknowledge that unlike his HotMC alumni, Hamm is perhaps not a super versatile hunk. Sure, he broods well, but does he look as pretty when he smiles?
I'm not sure. 

J: Oh, look, Hamm can look real nice smiling but it's true it's the kind of smile that makes you think 'That's a nice looking man' rather than 'Phwoarrrrrr!' Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Also, you gotta respect that he has been with his lady for more than 10 years even though he found fame and become recognised as a hunk worldwide during that time.

K: Yeah, way to go Hammster. Don Draper may be (somehow) prettier than Hamm, but there is no way he could do that.

I also like how this clip indicates he is a bit of a spazz.

J: I definitely think that Jon Hamm must be a bit of a spazz. Other than his pretty face it's my favourite thing about him. It's what elevates him above just a handsome man. 30 Rock, Bridesmaids, the random funny shit I have seen him in on the internet. Dude seems quite spazz. And that is one of man's hottest attributes. Another good attribute can be a beard.


K: Spazz is really very hot. More dudes need to understand that. So basically, the Hammster is a well groomed, slightly broody (as Don Draper), slightly goofy ( as Jon Hamm) handsome guy. 

Hello, Mr November.

Jon Hamm, if you asked me you just made it into HotMC by the skin of your teeth. But, K, well she's got the fever, she emailed me yesterday with this: "The dude really quite hot." Yeah, she got the fever.

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  1. Do you know how often I ask myself what would Don Draper do? J, you need to keep watching that series. I'm pretty sure you'll put hammster/DD at the top of your hunk list by the end of it.

    Look, it's not like I'm some expert, but he is the only genuinely handsome man I can think of working in the entertainment industry. I have so many confused feelings actually. Like there is just something a little grossish about him that makes him more appealing and of course the Don Draper thing. I don't know if I want him or want to be him.

    I recommended Mad Men to Sharks Fin and she's quite obsessed with him/the show too. All we talked about last night was Don Draper, basically.

    Anyway, great post, bye xx