Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chinoserie (AM)

A couple of weeks ago, J and I started talking about chinos.

They're kind of cute we noted.

They could work as a spring to summer pant we speculated.

Chinos. I know, right? We agreed.

J got on the front foot and tried some on at Country Road on the weekend. It's spend and save season you see. She sent me a photo from the change room, but they weren't that great. They didn't pass the audition.

Then on Monday, J sent me another photo from another change room. The Alpha60 change room. This one made me sit up and take notice.

This is how it went down. My comments in green, J's in grey.

First, let me say,  J is seriously the best for looking out for me like that.
And though I didn't really think I was going to translate our talk of chinos in to the purchase of chinos, moments after receiving this text message, I found myself in the change room of the Flinders Lane Alpha60 store, in a pair of chinos.

Improved. The last word in that sentence was 'improved'. 
So as you can see, now I own a pair of chinos, which I love very much.

But when I was trying them on with practically everything I own on Monday night, this happened.

Perhaps you can't tell, but basically the eye part of the hook and eye that is their principal fastening mechanism came loose at one end and has ceased to perform its fastening function.
This is not a disaster. I mean, I know how to sew. I can just sew it back up. But that shouldn't really happen on the first night I have them, right?
I am kind of thinking about taking them back. But taking things back is not something I normally do. But loving pair of pants as much as I love these is also not something I normally do either, so call me crazy, call me romantic, call me a sentimental fool  - but I kind of want this to be perfect so I kind of want to take them back.

So what should I do?

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