Friday, November 16, 2012

How things work - blog writing (AM)

K and I used to know this guy, let's call him Jenga, he was funny, total drama crew, wanted to be an actor. I wonder what happened to him. Anyway if you were in a room with him and he was stoned he would do these quite hilarious monologues. He'd start talking about something and he'd go on about it for as long as he could maintain the attention and laughter of everyone and when the laughter waned he would move on to some other schtick. He'd try something out for a few lines to see if it got laughs and if not he would drop it, try something new and so on and so on until something he said got big laughs and then he'd go with that for as long as the laughter was sustained. Sometimes you'd just become hysterical because watching this journey of his search for laughter was really funny, but his monologues, they were really funny too.

Anyway, sometimes when I am thinking about what to write I feel like that. Yes, sometimes the gold you read here just trickles from my finger tips like hot, golden showers, but sometimes I'm just like Jenga, I think of a topic, I compose a few lines in my head, if it seems good I keep going, but usually after a couple of lines I ditch it. And sometimes I just think, 'Fuck it, let's just listen to Ice Cube instead!'

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