Monday, August 27, 2012

Winterchut (AM)

Do you guys get bored when, on a Monday morning,  we tell you about what we did on the weekend? If so, sorry you guys. And see you tomorrow, because this post is about the Winter Chutney Club meet at Miguel and Legsley's on Saturday.

If you've been here before, you know what goes down at Chutney Club. People make a bunch of jars of chutney. People get together and eat them with things, then swap their jars. People have a wonderful time. That's Chutney Club.

Normally there is a good balance of sweet and savoury things. Not this time. Everyone  inadvertently made a sweet thing, which meant we basically spent three solid hours eating sugar. Except for David who made butter, so in fact we spent three hours eating sugar and butter.
If I was five, this would be my lifelong dream and this post would be coming to you from a person who was ready to die because she'd done it all. But readers, I'm not five any more. Not by a motherflipping long shot. My dreams have changed and rightly so, because  spending three solid hours eating sugar will do things to a person. You know that feeling of having a sugar high? That happened after about 45 minutes. What happened after that I have no benchmark or words for. No words, because I'm not entirely sure I've come down yet. I mean, I haven't had a hunger signal in about 40 hours now. I did take some photos though. Let's let them speak for me.

First up, we see butter by David (background),  and toast in the shape of teapots with marmalade by Blizzie.
Effing cute/effing yum. 
Here we have croissants by Miss Soft Crab's own J.
Fancy a little flourless orange cake with marmalade glaze by Miguel and Legsley? Of course you do.
Also visible: the salted caramel and cream tarts I made. PLease refer to bottom right of image, in front of J's croissants.
We all ate every one of these things, and from this point on, the photos start to get a little incoherent.  
That's partly my fault, because I thought it would be a good idea to give the camera to baby. 
Check this out: 

It looks like a dream sequence, right? In fact it is a photo Baby took. Somehow he managed to capture the mood of the day perfectly. That kid has a gift.

Anyway, while Baby was getting his Annie Leibovitz on, we were still eating. 
Eating things like these donuts Biggie Little made. 

I don't know how that pig got on the table. 
And these macarons Little Wonder made.
Salted caramel to the left, pink grapefruit to the right. 

By the time the rhubarb and apple tart that Welly made came out, neither baby nor I were in a position to photograph it. I had taken a spot on the floor, where I rested against an ottoman, and watched while Legsley drew some elephants for Baby.

I love these elephants and looking at them soothes me. 

I don't know how long I was there for, but by the time I came to, the tart had been chopped up in to take home packs for everyone. Lets hope J got a picture of it beforehand. She's always been the more responsible one.
Don't get me wrong, we all had a wonderful time. I guess it's just been a long winter and I feel like part of my brain is still in hibernation and or/sugar coated atrophy. I'm pretty sure I'm no alone though. This came through from Miguel yesterday.

I hope you find your knife guys.  I don't have it, BTW. 

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