Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Robert Pattinson: I don't know what to feel (AM)

Were you guys shocked to discover that K-Stew, MSC's inagural Babe of the Month, totally cheated on Sparkleface with some old guy?
Neither were we, what are you crazy? we are grown adults and one of us is a mother so there is no way we would waste our time giving a shit about that. 
But say we were the type to give a shit. And say, in giving a shit, we found ourselves feeling really outraged that someone would cheat on R-Patz. What do you think it would say about our true feelings about the guy? Um, you guys, do you think it means we secretly love R-Patz, but just don't know it yet because we're blinded by our hatred of Sparkleface? Speaking for myself, the level of outrage and disappointment I felt in K-Stew was a strong indication that my feelings for R-Patz are, at best, neutral. 

Yesterday, I looked at a bunch of pictures of him on the interwebs to see what response they elicited. Pictures like the one above, and this one:

...which prompted me to think the following thoughts, in no particular order. 
Cedric Diggory
Je ne sais quoi

I feel like I know where this is headed, but just to be sure I went to see the new R-Patz film Cosmopolis last night. 
The film is a total mind-bender, which I'm sorry to say meant the lid of R-Patz interest couldn't come off completely, because I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on. But I think its safe to say the lid has been dislodged.

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