Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hump day (AM)

Sometimes, when I tell people that I co-author a five day a week blog, they say to me "Wow, do you guys ever run out of things to say?" to which I always reply  "of course we do, we constantly run out of things to say, it's actually kind of a miracle we ever have anything to say."

People never want to hear that though. 

They prefer to  think that blog writing is effortlesss and fun, and where there is always something to blog about because life is so full of amazing people doing inspiring things, and laneways. I know I don't need to tell you, loyal readers of MIss Soft Crab, that ours is not the kind of blog that rides on the back of amazing people doing inspiring things and laneways. No. Ours is the kind of blog where we cough up whatever comes to mind that day, and somedays (i.e. the middle of the week), 'whatever comes to mind' aint much. But shit you guys, we make the rules, and one of our (unofficial) rules is that you will never read words like 'bespoke' and 'colourways' on Miss Soft Crab unless we have written a post about words that make us want to puke. 

But today, readers, no one is going to puke. No one is going to puke because the other day, I decided to clean out my inbox, leading me to find a bunch of hilarious emails J and I exchanged in the days before Miss Soft Crab was born, the days before Baby was born and the days before J and I had the number 3 at the front of our ages. Come with me now, on a journey through space and time and discover an email J sent me shortly after she dropped down to working 4 days a week. Returning back to work after a day off,  J had the following to say in an email with the subject of simply 'Thursday":

Mate, I don’t wanna rub it in or anything but not working hump day really takes the hump out of that day. It's so good never having to wait too long for a day off. Yesterday I met David’s puppy, Ivy. She is very beautiful and incredibly sweet and I think I love her. Also it was nice to eat lunch in the sun with David (bagel with cream cheese, avo and lemon mmmmmmm). 
Then LB and I went to see David O’Doherty. It was very funny. Then we ate dumpys. Mmmmmmmm. Then when we got home there was some Russell Brand Show on teev so I just had a wonderful laugh-filled night. Laughter rules.

Anyway, how are you?

So back to me. I am heading towards the decision of dinner at the folks for my b’day. People are generally enthusiastic about it when I tell them and my Mum loved the idea. I thought she may, but she was all “Yeah, that’s a great excuse to make Dad do something fun with me!” And “Yeah, I’ll clean up! I’ll put clean sheets on our bed so you can stay! Maybe you should open up my office into the next room and dine in there!”

I hope if I have kids that I don’t start calling LB Dad all the time.

Please note I am not in the office on Wednesdays

Note: That last bit came from J's automatic signature at the time. It was the first line, before her name even. I thought i'd leave it in to show her state of mind. 

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