Monday, August 20, 2012

Psychic TV (AM)

Have you ever watched Psychic TV? No me neither. A live show on Saturday night where people call or text a 1900 number to ask psychics on TV to tell them their future. Of course I haven't watched it. A show so idiotic and boring it somehow lulls you into watching it endlessly. Maybe. With it's Rage-like addiction. No ads, no end in sight. "I'll just see what the next reading is." Maybe. Maybe that's what happens when you watch it. I wouldn't know.

I understand that there is a host. In fact there are 2 hosts, they alternate, or something, and they sit with a psychic and read out the texts. You know, and generally host. And they seem quite convinced about the psychicness and call everyone darling. I imagine.

And the psychics rotate every half hour or so. I would guess. So you may get a guy who just sees the future. "I really see a Daniel around you. Yes, I'm seeing a Daniel." Or a woman that loves purple and is a Feng Shui expert that considers herself a great manifester, just tells everyone to declutter and turn on a lamp in the part of the room that symbolises the part of the life they want to activate. Basically I think she wants to be a decorator but decided to go niche. That's how I would imagine a person like that anyway.

Then there may be a woman dressed in pink, middle-aged, plumpish, calls herself a medium, reads angel cards without seeming to have any idea what the fuck they mean (who does? And what the fuck are angel cards?) Pulls a card and says it looks like Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. Giggles hysterically when someone called Jacob sends a text asking his future, because she associates him with Twilight. Says things like "Riaoooow, you hunk".

It's almost as if the fact that everyone on the show is completely unappealing and all the requests for readings are the same and basically all the readings are the same, this is the reason it's such compelling viewing. Or rather it's so much like being asleep that going to bed seems pointless.

I think that's what watching Psychic TV until 1am on a Sunday morning would be like. But of course I have no idea. 

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