Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hump day (PM)

Oh, hi. Oh, what? You want a post from me? Sorry, I'm too busy sitting in a laneway looking at colourways for my new bespoke jumpsuit.

HAHA. Jokies, I'm sitting in windowless office wondering why people are so dumb. Ugh. Hump day.

Now, in defence of what K said that I said (and she was telling the truth - I'm pretty sure I said those things) it does kind of make sense to have the days you are in the office at th e top of your signature. Now that I am more mature and have a baby and a 3 at the start of my age, I have this information at the end of my signature (Please note I work on Mondays and Fridays). It comes after a whole bunch of other stuff including the office address that no one will ever need. Who is reading all the way down there? I always sign my name above the auto signature anyway.

Anyway, I decided that I should look for some amusing historical hump day emails too. All I found was one where I complained that in baby class they showed us a video in slow mo of a newborn baby searching for its mother's nipple (you do not need to see that in slow motion). And an email from K suggesting I may see James Franco when I went to NYC. I didn't. I did see a man that looked a lot like Lutz from 30 Rock.

But even in New York, middle-aged, plumpish, bald men are everywhere so although I like to think it was Lutz, it could have been anyone.

Happy hump day friends.

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