Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An(other) open letter to Gorman (PM or PS)

Personally, Gorman, I don't understand why your stuff is Kraft Singles quality at Meredith Goats Feta prices. If I am totally honest with myself, I have to admit that even though you did wrong by my girl, I still like some of your stuff and kind of want it. But  I can't bring myself to buy it when it costs so damned much. 

See, this top is cute. 

But it is on sale for $150. ON SALE for $150? For pete's sake.
And seriously, the cute stuff is few and far between. Look at this:

That dress is straight-up fugly. At $80, it's probably the cheapest thing in the store, but when you add the personal cost one would incur when they are dressed in something so fug, it's basically $500. 
So yeah, Gorman. I'm moving on and I'm not looking back. 

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