Monday, August 6, 2012

The highlights (AM)

What a weekend. Or something. In fact my weekend was really quiet but by the end of it I felt exhausted. You wanna know some of the weekend's highlights? Ok, sure.

1. Friday night - Geelong vs Hawthorn. Especially the last minutes. Holy muthereffing moly you guys!!! Now, you either saw it or you didn't. And you either care or you don't. But in case you don't know Geelong ran away with the first quarter. Just were creaming the Hawks, who, over the course of the match made up ground to be ahead of Geelong in the last quarter. Hawthorn were dominating. Yada yada yada, in the last 20 seconds or so, 4 POINTS down Tom Hawkins took a mark for Geelong right in front of the goals on the 50 metre line. Yeah, you see where this is going? NAIL BITING EXCITEMENT! And he kicked the goal, after the siren for Geelong to win the match. You know, a lot of the time I don't even care much about footy but this was awesome. And by that I mean actually awesome. It was so exciting, I actually could hardly stop thinking about it all weekend. Footy! Get it up ya!

Tomahawk in amazed delight

2. I effed up some muffins. Yeah, this doesn't sound like a highlight does it. I made cinnamon, choc chip and walnut muffins and in my haste used plain flour instead of  self-raising. Dumkopf! When I made the realisation after noticing those muffins just weren't rising I was so disappointed. They smelled so good but they were just going to be crap. But that is when I realised that I could whack them in a dish with some custard to make a bread-pudding-like muffin pudding. Um, warm, custardy, chocolatey, nutty goo! Get it up ya! And add cream

3. I napped on the bean bag on Sunday. I told Chickpea and Strawberry this and they looked at me like a weirdo for sharing such a boring piece of information. But if you have ever been really tired after a bunch of wines the night before and 5 hours sleep and being woken by a child and you have to go to the pub later for a birthday party and you just want a nap and then your child curls up on you and falls asleep allowing you follow suit, well, then you will know how effing good that feels. Naps! Get 'em up ya!

4. Oh yeah, hanging with all my delightful friends was great too. I'm not saying that get it up ya thing here. Come on, guys! That would be really inappropriate.

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