Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Imaginary TV show workshop (PM)

I can't wait to watch Barely Legal! I hope it doesn't have a time clash with these hot new shows.

Bend and Stretch
James Bend is a small time gym owner with a small but loyal clientele, he's struggling to make ends meet when big chain gym STRETCH IT! moves in across the street and owner Penelope Stretch is taking no prisoners. When Penelope decides she wants STRETCH IT! to be the only gym in the neighbourhood she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. Sparks fly, in every direction, between the gym owners and neither is prepared to relinquish the turf!

Digging Deep
Dean Deep is an archeology professor who hasn't worked in the field for years - not since his girlfriend met her tragic end in a terrible accident while they were working together on an important dig. That's until he hears news of a new discovery that could change the course of history - or the world's understanding of it. With a crack team of his top students, Deep ventures to the ancient ruins of Egypt to work on the dig and discover the mysteries of the ancient past. Now that he is back in the field will the academic life be able to satisfy him? And what does all this mean for his relationship with the Anne-Marie, the Dean of English that Deep just can't fully commit to?


  1. What 3great shows?Cant wait to see them.Have you pitched to Weinstein brothers yet.After Tv success,you could go full feature.

  2. What about the unspoken sexual tension between James Bend and Penelope Stretch?

  3. J, you totally need to have Dean Deep stumble across clues (on his dig) that indicate her death wasn't accidental. And a massive conspiracy with whole world implications. And I forget the English prof. The romantic interest need to be another archaeologist who plays the Scully to Dean's Mulder.

    And definitely sexual tension between Bend and Stretch.

    K, I actually feel a bit sad that your show doesn't exist.

  4. Oh, yeah, I pretty much assumed that the sexual tension between Bend and Stretch went without saying.

    I considered having Deep's love interest as another archaeologist, but I went for the prof because I wanted him to have a struggle between what he is learning in the field to contrast with the life he's been trying to establish at home. But maybe the Scully character can come in late in the season when it becomes clear he's never going to commit to Anne-Marie

  5. Yeah. Fuck her. I hate Anne-Marie already.