Monday, March 23, 2015

What's coming my way this week (PM)

The 3:30am brain is not the best brain. But I think K is really lucky that at 3:30am her brain was saying things like, "Great idea!" and "A great week lies ahead!" Rather than "I want an Apple Watch. I want an Apple Watch so bad! How can I justify buying an Apple Watch! Apple Watch would make my life so much better!" Or "Shit I have so much stuff on this week. It is stressing me the fuck out. And I have nothing to blog about tomorrow!" Which is pretty much how my brain works at 3:30am if it is not going "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Although I don't really understand the lure of Apple Watch. Yet. I'm pretty sure I'll be coveting the shit out of one once someone gets one and shoves its shiny face into my less shiny face.

It's lucky that my brain and K's brain weren't in discussion at 3:30 this morning because I would have tried pretty hard to dissuade her from this topic. Only because I have even less on my agenda for this week than K. And if you recall, she did not have a lot on. Outside my normal commitments (which are few) I pretty much have nothing on. But after several commitments last week, which was kind of stressing me out, I'm pretty happy about it.

Which leads me to the question what does several mean. LB and I were talking about this last night, talking about how context and personal opinion can alter how you interpret it, it might mean three, it might mean seven, and those numbers can mean very different things. According to Google it means "more than two but not many," so perhaps I should clarify my use of it in the paragraph above by saying that last week I had two commitments. Now we are all on the same page.

Have a great week!

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