Thursday, March 12, 2015

Downer Thursday (PM)

Someone asked me recently if being pregnant was shit and I had to tell them, "Yeah, kinda." People don't like to complain about it much, I think because it seems careless given some people can't even get pregnant and because you have a baby inside you which is great. But there is always something, tiredness, nausea, headaches, growing out of your clothes, looking like you've put on weight before looking actually pregnant. And that's just the normal stuff, some people have it real bad, can't walk, get bed ridden, have serious complications or unhealthy babies. Shit can get real. So I guess that's the other reason people don't like to complain about it, cause you feel lucky you've got it comparatively good. But the fact is that compared to normal life pregnancy is kind of shit. That's how I found it anyway. I understand others may not feel the same.

I guess it's a lot to ask your body to perform as well as usual while also creating an entire new human from a few tiny cells. It makes sense but that doesn't mean you have to like it. Though honestly K's hair is looking great right now!

But me, I'm all about turning frowns upside down. You see I've been sick the last few days and finally am feeling kind of normal again, so this Thursday is pretty good for me. And I think everyone should feel this good. I could tell K just to focus on the end result, a baby is coming, take solace. But eff that! Mate, take the Panadol! It's a totally sanctioned drug! You'll feel better and it's not like you are going to be popping it all day everyday, just get rid of that effing headache.

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