Monday, March 23, 2015

What's coming my way this week (AM)

Last night, before I went to bed, I mulled over a few things I might write about today. The Apple Watch, which I think about and covet all the time, for no tangible reason. My rubbish wardrobe and how badly I want new everything. That was about it. As you can see, these topics are very very boring to everyone who is not me, and truth be told, they're pretty boring to me too. I decided I would wait until morning, and see what inspiration a new day would bring. I turned out the lights and went to bed.

Next thing I knew, it was about 3:30am and I was awake. This happens to me a lot. My body has some kind of setting that means I wake up four hours after I've gone to sleep, pretty much on the dot, pretty much every night. I usually lie awake for about 15 minutes then go straight back to sleep. It's not so bad. Sometimes, I start to worry that I won't get back to sleep and then I don't. Those nights are the worst. Last night, I was pretty relaxed and so started thinking about the week ahead and the things I've got planned and this made me feel quite good. It also made me think "I know! Tomorrow I'll blog about what's coming my way this week! It will make for interesting reading and it won't make me look too shallow because it won't just be about the Apple Watch. I will call the post "What's coming my way this week". I felt quite happy with this decision and so when I rolled over in bed, I promptly fell asleep.

Now it's morning and I realise that that decision was made with the logic that is available to people at 3:30am, which is to say, none. You see, I have practically nothing planned for this week. Tomorrow night I'm going to a council-run seminar called Navigating Childcare in Darebin. On Wednesday morning I'm having a session with a personal trainer at the gym, which you get free when you sign up and i've been too lazy to organise until now. That's it. That's all that's coming my way this week.
Decisions I make at 3:30am in the morning are clearly quite bad.

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