Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here it comes (AM)

Have a look at this, would you?
That's what the temperature is here in Preston as I write  this, according to the Accuweather app. That is mother flipping cold. Hardly makes one enthusiastic about pulling the covers back and getting out of bed. 

But on the plus side, reading it makes me realise how much I like the Accuweather app. It's location specific and has nice graphics to reflect the time of day. It also sets out the forecast for the whole day, so you can plan effectively. 

I should have got up at 4am, if I wanted to avoid the chill. 
And I wonder what time I should take my lunch break? 

Well, 4pm really! But I think we all know that's not going to happen. 

We all know that it's going to get warm again soon too, and just because it's 9 degrees (feels like 6 degrees) now it doesn't mean the good times are over for the whole year. 

Still doesn't make getting out of bed any easier though, does it?

Ugh, here I go. 

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