Monday, March 16, 2015

Cheese coma (AM)

Yesterday was chutney club, as Biz said, 'It's nice to be out and about.' Yeah, Biz, it is. Turns out that he was at Golden Plains last week so his idea of not getting out much and my idea of not getting out much may be slightly different.

For the curious the haul was: plum jam (me), fig and ginger jam (K), apricot jam (David), spicy nectarine and peach chutney (Pickle), mango chutney (Biggie Little), nectarine chutney (Legsly), apple and cherry plum chutney (Blizzie). A pretty good spread.

Chutney club is a funny old thing.Some meets every one has cooked something delicious to go with their condiment and then other times everyone just brings cheese. That is pretty much what happened yesterday. I wish I had taken photos of all the cheese. I feel like there was more cheese there than I had seen in a long time. But then again I don't get out much. But there really was so much cheese. And I sure ate a lot more cheese than I'd eaten in a long time. There were probably at least 10 or 12 cheeses. And I ate them all. Over and over again. And I ate a doughnut and half a croissant and this toffee chocolate crispy slice magnificence and in between the sweets more cheese to cleanse the palette. When I got home I wasn't that hungry so Baby and I shared a cheese pie for dinner. Later LB ate bolognese so I had a little pasta with parmesan and chilli flakes. Cheese.

As I sat on the couch last night exhausted and wondering what to write about for today I could really come up with nothing. I thought I was tired or that my brain had finally given up but in the cold harsh light of this morning I'm pretty sure I was just too high on cheese. Or perhaps the crash had begun. The reason it all came clear is because I think I have a cheese hangover. I feel ok, but as I was sitting on the couch with Newbie this morning he just seemed so out of sight cute. I mean, this kid is pretty effing adorable and he has this array of out of control cute smiles but this morning - whoa - I could not get over his cuteness. You know how that happens with a hangover, it's like all your defences are down. At breakfast Baby was doing these ridiculous burbs which also seemed incredibly cute and really funny. And to top all this off, I feel pretty irritable. Classic hangover, right? I'd like to think I have learned my lesson and that in future I will cheese responsibly, but I guess history suggests that is pretty unlikely.

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