Monday, March 30, 2015

Eeny meeny miny mo (AM)

Last night I watched some of Trading Places, a film I have seen many many times but probably not for about 15 or 20 years. I also learned on the weekend, to my great surprise, that K has never seen that movie. I didn't even know that was possible given the frequency with which it used to be on TV, but it turns out the world really is an amazing place and anything is possible!

Because K has never seen it I wouldn't want to reveal any spoilers but let me just say that movies made in the 80s are not like movies made today. For example, they have a person dressed up in a gorilla suit that is meant to be a gorilla and then later a man gets put into the gorilla suit and the "real" gorilla makes love to it and the two gorillas get shipped off to Africa without anyone questioning whether the man in the suit is actually a gorilla.

I suppose this terrible costume is a joke but I can't imagine anyone trying such a thing nowadays.

Another thing you wouldn't hear in a doofusy comedy these days is an old white guy calling Eddie Murphy a word that starts with 'n' and rhymes with igger. I was quite shocked to hear it actually, but if you think about the 80s that word was considered bad I suppose, but it was still in use. It must have been, what were the words to Eeny meeny miny mo when you were growing up? Pretty mind bending that the more polite way to nominate who was 'it' was by saying "Ip dip dog shit you are not it."

Every time Baby starts 'Eeny meeny miny mo' I hold my breath for a second, waiting for what comes next even though he always says "catch a tiger by the toe." Of course he has never heard the version we used as kids. Back then, I may have known what that igger word meant when heard in isolation but "Eeny meeny" was just a bunch of nonsense words as far as I was concerned. Still, pretty fucked up, and even though I was just an innocent little kid trying to identify someone to be 'it' in chasey, just repeating some little song I heard from someone else, I feel like a total perpetrator. I think I have to go and have a shower now, wash the shame away.

Wow, Trading Places really took me on a trip down memory lane in a way I did not foresee at all!

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