Thursday, March 5, 2015

This is not a post about how old I am (PM)

Oh geez, my mind is a bit blown from reading this morning's post and its talk of time and age and Vogue. I guess it's because I've got so many feelings at the moment. Feelings coming out the wazoo. So thinking about time, and experiencing it, and how it changes, and how what we want changes, and how we can't know what we will think and feel in the future, so don't know how to make the most of things now that don't seem super rad but our future selves will long for. Well. Cue a shed load of feelings. 
I remember being Baby's age (give or take) and feeling not just like years would take forever, but that afternoons would take forever. I love remembering that feeling. 
Having said that, I kind of feel like this afternoon is taking forever and that feeling blows, so maybe I should stop being such a sentimental fool. 

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