Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stop to smell the roses (AM)

For the last couple of months I've been house sitting. In bigger, nicer houses than mine, and in preferable locations. And not in the kind of proximity to my parents that makes everyday a struggle against regression. And in many ways it has been really nice. All the space, light, effective and thorough heating, kitchen bench space, dish washers, accessible bins. Yep, it has been quite luxurious. But on the weekend we moved home. Home to a freezing kitchen and bathroom, limited space and a daily struggle against regression. But what coming home to all this has shown me, is that despite all these shortcomings, home is pretty good. 

First of all, I was reunited with my beautiful grater, SharpAz.

I stumbled across this grater one day at a time in my life when I was dissatisfied with my grater and this baby was on sale; $10 reduced from $29.95. Well it didn't seem like much of a gamble, and I am telling you that until you have grated with this, well, you haven't grated. It makes grating a pleasure! A pleasure, people! I used to hate grating, but not since SharpAz came into my life. And when I grated my first vegetable in two months on SharpAz last Saturday night, well it was then that I knew I was home. 

You know what else was nice, just being able to wear anything I owned. Just choose any piece of clothing from my wardrobe. Anything at all. It was all at my finger tips.That was pretty luxurious.

Also, my house has a nice view. Out the bathroom window I see cargo ships on the water. They really make my day. I don't know what it is but I effing love the sight of cargo ships. 

Plus, you know that proximity to my parents? Well it also makes me proximal to their 3D TV. Sure, this is usually no big deal, but did you know that the Olympics are being shown in 3D? Do you know how effing good that looks? Apparently my mum saw confetti in 3D during the opening ceremony and thought rain was coming in the roof. 



I watched some of the men's gymnastics in 3D. Do you know how good at gymnastics those guys are? Really good! But they are so much better in 3D. And when you are watching, say, a guy performing on the rings and then someone else does some handsprings in front of him, you just see that second guy, 3D handspringing away in front of you. Look, this is a really visual experience, it is hard to describe it in words, so let me just say that when I was watching it I just had this big stupid grin on my face the entire time.

I guess that being away from home just made me realise that home is pretty nice, even if you think its not that great.

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