Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loving myself sick (PM)

I'm sure I speak for the entire crab community when I say that I want that delicious looking pasta shell bake in and around my mouth right now.

And readers, I can assure you that J really is loving herself fully sick about this dish, because she didn't breathe a word of it to me before now, and normally, she totally would have told me about it yesterday. Right around lunch time. That she kept it under wraps this long just goes to show that this little baby really is something special.

I'm afraid I have no equivalent stories of making delicious things straight out of my imagination. But I did make this delicious tart on the weekend.

This is not a picture of the actual tart I made. I made mine in a tin in the shape of a love heart, so it looked like this but more adorable. Sorry Ottolenghi but it's true. 

It's an Ottolenghi recipe called Surprise Tart Tatin. I was auditioning it for the Plenty Potluck! dinner I am going to on Saturday night at Crimpy's with Blephanie and Legsly. If you're wondering, the Plenty Potluck! dinner is an exciting concept where we each make a dish from the hit book Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi, and then we eat them and all have a wonderful time.

The tart was pretty damned good, I must say. All potatoes and caramelised onions and goats cheese. It was a tad dry though. But maybe a little sour cream on the side would fix that right up.
It remains on the shortlist.

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