Friday, July 13, 2012

French Friday (AM)

Don't worry guys, French Friday is not a new thing. It is just today's thing. It is Bastille Day Eve, after all. And I fully intend to eat a croissant for breakfast. Any excuse, ay? Usually that excuse is just that it is breakfast time so I feel pretty happy that I have the excuse of Bastille Day Eve today. Oh, that's not a thing? Oh, we are not French? Yes, I see.

Well, given that we are not French I decided I should find out a bit more about Frenchness. As you know I get all my knowledge from the Internet so I typed  'French things' into Google and I am heaps more smarter now.

You see, I found that wiki.answers had a list to answer the question, 'What are 50 French things?' Really? A person really asked that question? Whatever. Here are some items on the list:

Gauloise cigarettes (Onc)
French accents in English (Onc onc)
Balconies with flower pots (ummm)
Topless sunbathing (onc onc onc)
Weekend in the country in spring

As you  can see the list does degenerate into things that just exist in places. But France is a place so I guess, yep, cars and weekends away exist there.

If K hadn't mentioned Bastille Day the other day I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it. But now that I am thinking about it, or rather thinking about France, maybe you'd like to know what it looks like inside my brain right now?


But mostly inside my brain looks like this:


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